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‘The Welsh Organic Wool Project 2013’

My contribution below: Tote bag made from organic woollen fabric provided by Llynfi Textiles, decorated with organic felted wool fibre and Bark.

2013-04-17 11.03.52

“The Organic Wool Fabric Project is a collaboration between designer makers, Llynfi Textiles, and organic wool producer, Ystrad Farm. It is part funded by Better Organic Business Links, Wales. It aims:

  • to raise the profile and explore the potential of organic wool
  • to establish a broad community of interest that spans wool producers, designers, makers and the general public
  • to showcase the potential for organic wool and the quality, innovation and commitment to sustainability of designer/makers in the UK.”

Text above taken from the website :

2013-04-07 16.29.24 2013-04-05 13.53.56

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .

Face to face logosidepicture

Above check out our performance piece of the face to face concept on Vimeo.

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During my stay  in Oslo, Norway in January 2013 due to my participation in the exhibition at ExpoArte Gallery ‘Textile body Adornments meets Jewellery design’, I had the pleasure to also take part in a workshop by Atelier Ted Noten, organised as a parallel program to  the Art Jewellery Event From the Coolest Corner, which was taking place for the whole month of January i Oslo.

Inspiring pieces from Atelier Ted Noten:

During the workshop we worked in large groups of about 10 people over three days in order to create an original piece of Art!

Below is the statement I wrote for the group I worked with during this workshop summarising our concept, ideas and final outcome.

The ‘Face to Face’ experience is a concept and a product produced by a group of 10 creative minds, which met at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, during a 3-day workshop, organised by Atelier Ted Noten and led by Marcel Van Kan. The workshop was a parallel program to the Art Jewellery Event currently running in Oslo, ‘From the Coolest Corner’.

During this workshop we were to create a piece together as a group and came up with the idea to create so-called ‘face-to-face’ concept covers. The covers are in reality ‘real-time’ social apps, which encourages real and constant social interaction and presence during the participants of social gatherings.

All 10 members have caught themselves (and fellow friends) time and again, going into ‘anti-social mode’, ‘zooming out’, leaving ‘real-time’ moments with ‘real-time’ friends in order to check out our ‘social virtual life’, our latest ‘likes’ ‘pokes’ and so on, on our social media networks, on our Smartphone devices (the list goes on).

Our covers are applied over whichever gadget that is distracting you from enjoying your moment, with an elastic the cover is easily attached over for example your Smartphone, and ‘worn’ at all times during the social gathering.

This ‘Face to Face’ covers can be utilised as a funny and simple incentive at a social gathering, when all you really want is your guests to fully appreciate the moment you are spending together.

The covers can be personalised with party games, pictures, and birthday greetings, and becomes an item to keep and take home for your guest, reminding them of that great party they went to !


Wooden lazer cut cover

'Face to Face'


‘Textile body Adornments meets Jewellery design’

'Limited Resources 2013' Soft Body Pieces


Exhibition opening at ExpoArte Gallery the 10th of January 2013 in Oslo, Norway.

Sales exhibition open until the 10th of February 2013.

Opening of Expo Arte Smykkedesign exhibition: ‘Textile body Adornment meets jewellery design’ Parallel program of the Art Jewellery event : – From the Coolest Corner : Nordic Jewellery

This exhibition gives you a view into the New Designers world. 6 jewellery and fashion design graduates from different universities in Great Britain, work with jewellery and textiles. Borrowing from each other and sliding unnoticed into each other’s worlds. Jewellery art and fashion design meets in a common term “Body Adornment”

(About ‘Textile body Adornments meets Jewellery design’)

pictures of the collection exhibited

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