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Recent 2012 graduate in BA (Hons) Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, specialised in knitted fabrics.


Experience in working closely with fashion designers to create and develop knitted textile design samples for production.

Good knowledge of materials and fabric sourcing, particularly interested in Sustainable sourcing of materials for fashion and textiles, and a keen member of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

Always looking to work collaboratively and artistically with other creative individuals in order to explore different mediums and fields, from garment construction, interiors decoration, to art installations and performance art.

Currently exhibitor at the sales exhibition ‘Textile body Adornments meets jewellery design’ by the gallery Expo Arte smykkedesign in Oslo, Norway; a parallel program to the touring Art Jewellery exhibitions event: ‘From the Coolest Corner’

This exhibition gives you a view into the New Designers world. 6 jewellery and fashion design graduates from different universities in Great Britain, work with jewellery and textiles. Borrowing from each other and sliding unnoticed into each other’s worlds. Jewellery art and fashion design meets in a common term “Body Adornment”

(About ‘Textile body Adornments meets Jewellery design’)



” Better weird than boring ”

– Garth Lewis, first year tutor at BA (hons) Textile design, Central Saint Martins, UAL.

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